Taking your next step

Wondering what skills you might need before you start your career? Thinking about an apprenticeship but not sure what to expect? Considering university and if it's right for you? We're here to help!

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Post-16 choices

It can seem daunting when you're considering the next steps after school. Here's a great place to start to help you understand your options and make the right decisions.

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Choosing subjects

You may have an idea of what subjects you want to pick, or maybe you're still unsure, but either way, it's worth spending a bit of time considering the options and getting to know yourself a bit better.

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Apprenticeships are a great alternative to full-time further education, allowing you to work and study at the same time. These programmes often lead to a qualification, some of which can be at degree level.

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Find Your Path

Find Your Path is part of our employability programme and helps young people aged 16-24 not currently in education, employment or training discover their potential.

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Work experience, insight weeks and volunteering

Whether you're looking to learn more about the world of work, find out about a particular job or industry, or just broaden your horizons, there are plenty of ways you can get hands-on experience without having to get a full-time job.

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Vocational training

Have you ever wanted study a specific job, gain a qualification and make that your trade? Then vocational training may be for you as you start your career with equal amounts of curiosity and passion.

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Internships typically refer to placements or work experience for undergraduates. They help you get hands on experience for a type of job and company before you graduate, and crucially before you apply for a permanent role or a graduate programme.

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Graduate programmes

Graduate programmes are a great way to begin your career, where you can expect responsibility and exposure from day one and all the support and learning you need.

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Finding a job

Finding your first job can be daunting in terms of where to start. In this section we discuss the different tools and platforms you can use to help your search.

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How to write a CV

This guide will help you put together a great CV to get your application off to the best possible start.

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Interview guide

Here's what you need to think about to bring your best when you sit down at your next interview.

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Starting a new role

There can be a lot of uncertainty starting in any new role. Here are our top tips for getting off to a great start.

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