Find Your Potential Tool

Building confidence for young people by identifying their transferable skills

One-fifth of young people admit to not feeling confident about their future, and only 34% of students understand what skills employers are looking for.

We believe all young people have potential, and we want to help them discover it – that's why we’ve developed the Find Your Potential tool.

Finding their potential

The ‘Find Your Potential’ tool is a 10-minute online questionnaire that gives young people a personalised report that highlights their strengths, based on their skills and what they enjoy doing. It also focuses on areas where they may need extra support as well as suggesting some potential careers, helping them plan their next steps for the future.

The CareerSense team have developed additional resources that can be used in the classroom to help young people understand the benefits of the tool, so they are supported wherever they’re learning.

Here’s what’s included:

  • A 15-minute 'plug and play' video with self-reflection questions
  • A 60-minute lesson plan
  • A delivery guide and student handout
  • A personalised report for each student on completion of the online tool.

Teachers’ feedback on delivering the lesson in schools highlights the benefits of using the tool as a platform for personal discovery:

Pupils enjoyed thinking about the statements and which one applied best to their personality/skill set. It made some think about skills that they hadn't thought of before.
The tool provided lots of good discussions around skills and careers.
We’ve loved helping young people better understand their skills and future career options.
I really enjoyed delivering the lesson. Students readily engaged as it is about them. It really helps doing these activities as the students learn more about themselves.

Finding their potential

We’ve loved helping young people better understand their skills and future career options. Here’s what they had to say about using the tool in the classroom and beyond...

My results gave me a few different career options I had not considered, and allowed me to understand how my attributes work with the careers I’m interested in.

I learnt that I’m more self-aware than I thought, and discovered that I have more strengths, including creative thinking and innovation. I was surprised that numeracy and digital work were strengths for me, as I had never considered those before!

Katrina S
In-Class Experience

Filling in the report has made me focus on what I’m good at and what I could do with my skills in the future. The strengths part of the questionnaire confirmed some of my own ideas and helped me to summarise my skills and interests, which I can use when writing my CV.

Max B
At-Home Experience

I learnt that I am more well-rounded than I first thought, and my skillset suits a number of roles. It also inspired me to work on my mathematical skills, as I seemed to suit these the least.

My personalised report was surprising as I had never thought about the suggested role, and not really heard of it. After research, I learned more about it and thought that the idea of being a solutions officer seems really intriguing. Though I don’t really believe it would be for me, it has inspired me to put more thought into these types of roles.

Harvey H
In-Class Experience