Exploration Workshop

Helping young people unlock skills for the future

A workshop with purpose

Imagine a world where young people feel fully equipped to secure their dream job...

We believe in young people and their futures, and that’s why there’s never been a better time to help students build their confidence and secure the skills they need.

And we’re showing our commitment to support those most in need by focusing on schools from areas with low social mobility to ensure all young people get a chance to succeed.

Identifying transferable skills

Our 1-hour CareerSense Exploration Workshop is a free resource where students carry out real-life work-related tasks that help them recognise vital transferable skills with help from an inspiring NatWest Ambassador.

Students reflect on their own capabilities and create a ‘pledge’ to progress their skills further.

Rotating disc

Equipping teachers

Our high-quality curriculum linked resources equip teachers to deliver the workshop to young people across the UK, supported by teacher notes, activity sheets and engaging videos featuring bank employees.

CareerSense Ambassadors provide students with feedback after tasks and bring the world of work to life through sharing their own journey and skills, helping schools to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks.



Jai, a Sustainability officer asks students to use their creative thinking skills to help advise a client on actions they can take to become more sustainable.



Students use problem solving skills to help Sophie, a Technology Apprentice, write a report for colleagues and customers warning them about cybercrime.



Students help Jordan, a Relationship Manager, support a client with a cashflow problem using their relationship building skills.

Making an impact

We asked teachers, Ambassadors and students to share their experiences of the Exploration Workshop, and here’s what they had to say…

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a great opportunity for them to delve deeper into understanding careers whilst also thinking creatively and working collaboratively.Year 7-9 Head Teacher
We learnt about problem solving to help people overcome hard tasks.Year 8 Student
The workshop made us think about our futures.Year 11 Student
I am helping people and families to thrive and hopefully encouraging a few young people to be our staff of the future. I get a lot of personal reward from being an Ambassador. Giving back locally (and virtually) and showing the younger generation that working in a bank is a rewarding career (I work in Financial Crime so the subject really resonates with people!).Bank Employee Ambassador
It got us thinking about how we might face problems in jobs.Year 7 Student
We learnt about mindset and how it can affect our careers.Year 11 Student