Developing a personal brand

Branding isn't just for companies. Your personal brand is the impression that you give others. How you dress, what you do, your personality; these are all things that make you, you.

Think about buying a new mobile phone or ordering a pizza, do you have a favourite company or product that you pick every time? It's the same with your friends and the people you meet. You're influenced by the impression they give you, and they're influenced by the impression you give them.

Within the first minute of meeting someone new, they'll form opinions of who you are based on your appearance, body language and personality. This first interaction is an opportunity to stand out to a potential employer or with anyone new you meet.

How to get started

Here's a few questions to get you starting to think about your personal brand.

Now you have a better idea about building your personal brand, you can grow these skills, build up your confidence and show the world what makes you unique.

Everything you do online can impact your personal brand. You never know who might see what you're sharing. Does it give out the positive impression you want people to have?

Be confident in who you are, it's up to you to demonstrate your strengths and achievements and show people your personal brand. Your brand should grow as you do, so make sure it reflects what matters to you and stays true to who you are.

The 4 key elements of a successful personal brand

Your personal brand is important, and it only takes a minute for someone such as a potential employer to form an opinion about who you are.

Build your personal brand by focusing on 4 key areas:


What do people first notice about you? Pay attention to your body language, clothing, and posture; even your email address and voicemail messages have a role to play in how you appear to others.


What strengths stand out when you work in a team or on a project?


How do you act in different or difficult situations? How do you communicate with others?


What do people remember about you? What makes you different?

Take ownership of who you are. A brand isn't static. Keep developing yours by checking in on what's important to you and you'll turn your goals into reality.