Graduate programmes

Ages 18-24

What is a graduate programme?

A job at a desirable company, where recent graduates can launch their career without the need for previous experience. A graduate programme, (or scheme), usually provides extra training opportunities, support and the chance to build key skills. It’s a head start on a great career, and most last between one to three years, with the chance for permanent employment beyond this.

The inside track on graduate programmes

A graduate programme in financial services helped Jonny get his career off on the right track. Find out how a grad scheme could help you look at the big picture, and what you can expect.

Is a graduate programme right for me?

This could be for you if you’re:

  • Ambitious - You're aiming high and want to start your career with a strong footing, building professional networks as you go
  • Committed - You're happy to commit to a work placement for at least a year (can be up to three)
  • A university graduate - You've just completed or are in your final year of uni and you’re looking for the next challenge

How do I know if I’m eligible?

If you’ve recently graduated, or you’re in the final year of a degree, you could be eligible. Most graduate schemes ask for you to receive a 2:1 or higher, though it’s worth checking this - some graduate schemes, such as the NHS, ask for a 2:2 or higher.