Social media for work

Ages 16-18

Setting up socials

You may have different social accounts that you use for different things … but have you thought about creating one for careers and education? That’s where LinkedIn comes in useful. It’s a networking site where people can build their CV, make connections and find jobs.

But why should you set up a LinkedIn? And what do you need to know?

Why join?

  • Build your brand - LinkedIn is a great place to start a professional online presence. When colleges and job placements search for you, they can find this impressive resumé
  • Keep track of achievements - Having a digital CV - with all your exam results, volunteering experience and part-time work on there - means no more hunting around for files on your computer. It’s all in one place
  • Great practice - If you’re aiming high, this is a good place to start. Building up a portfolio of achievements is useful whether you want to be an entrepreneur, employee or a graduate

How to get started


Find a photo

You’ll need something where you look professional (don’t worry, you can smile!) so a nice headshot in some smart clothes is perfect


Add achievements

LinkedIn will guide you through the process as you add personal goals, what you’re studying, and your achievements and experience so far


Build your network

Join school or college networks, and student groups. You can follow companies or organisations you’re keen on, and join groups for the industries you’re interested in. Then you’ll have access to news, jobs and discussions - it’s a great way to research and discover new things

Making the most of it

Once you’ve built your LinkedIn profile and made some connections, you’ll start to see posts and articles on your homepage. Join in the conversation. Like, share and ask questions. It’s a great way to learn from professionals in jobs you’re interested in, and a great way to start to get noticed.

Remember your digital spring cleaning

If you haven’t already, make sure that you lock any social media accounts with potentially embarrassing content. You might even want to delete a few things. Ask friends to remove photos if you need to. Try to make sure a name search will only bring up things you’d be happy for employers to see.