Social Media for work

Ages 13-15

Not just for friends

Social media is a great place to show the world what you’re all about. So far, you’ve probably used it with your friends. As you begin to think about a future career, it can also be a useful way to connect with others in the world of work too.

Social media can help you to:

  • Research companies you’d like to work for
  • Hear about job roles
  • Get advice on interviews, CVs and more
  • Make connections with employers

Making social media work for you

When you apply for a job, employers may look up your social accounts to find out more about you. That’s why it’s a good idea to think carefully about what you post. Build a personal brand that shows your best self.

Social media tips

Think before you post

Remember that whatever you post today might be seen by an employer in ten years time. Would you want your future employer to see that photo? If it’s a no, don’t post it

Make connections

Use the power of social media to explore the things you love. Join a club or learn a new skill. There’s so much out there

Share your achievements

Look out for digital badges that you can add to your social accounts and share your accomplishments with the world