Extra-curricular activities

Ages 13-15

Show what makes you tick

Lots of people find that when they start to apply for jobs, write CVs, or apply to universities and colleges, they don’t have much to write. Here are our top tips to make sure you have a rich, interesting CV despite only being at the start of your journey.


Doing voluntary work can show what you value and the difference you want to make in the world. It also shows that you’re responsible and trustworthy.

Top tip

If you haven’t got any voluntary experience, why not organise a charity event at school, or sign up to help on Open Morning?


Your hobbies will help you gain valuable skills. It could be gaming, team sports or baking. Anything you like to do for fun will also give you skills, insights and experiences that you can talk about.

Top tip

Try and find a hobby that suits your preferences — whether you like to get creative and crafty or prefer being active or outdoors.


Clubs are a great way to learn something new. If you don’t already belong to any, why not take the opportunity to join or even start one?

Top tip

It can be powerful and persuasive if your club matches your chosen course or profession. So you’re applying for a film degree, and you run a lunchtime film club at school — perfect!


Prefectship, student council, team captain; any responsibilities you have in (and out of) school demonstrate particular qualities such as maturity, trustworthiness and leadership.

Top tip

Ask your head of year or form tutor if there’s a role or responsibility up for grabs, and how you can apply.

Remember to have fun

It’s great to discover new passions and take on new challenges. And not just for your CV! So why not try a new hobby, join a club or sign up for a volunteering opportunity today?